Planning your wedding with Shirley Copeland. This book is packed full of insider tips and money saving ideas for the perfect wedding day.

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Shirley Copeland, Bridal Consultant, with over 20 years experience in the bridal industry.

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Be Your Own Wedding Consultant.

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Plan your wedding day with the aid of Be Your Own Wedding Consultant! Time and money saving tips

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Florida Today Lifestyles & Entertainment
You and Your Wedding Magazine
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Elegant Bride Magazine
Town and Country Magazine

What customers have to say:

"Thank you for making Carolyn's Wedding so Beautiful and memorable."   Najala S.

"I never believed it was possible to enjoy a wedding so much. I only wish we had known of your book when our eldest daughter got married."   John & Mary R.

"Whomever said that planning a wedding was a stressful experience didn't read Shirley's book. I will highly recommend Be Your Own Wedding Consultant !"   Dr. & Mrs William L.

"Of all the wedding books we purchased yours by far provided the best guidance, thank you!"   Dr. & Mrs Tom W.

"Shirley, your wisdom and time saving tips made planning our wedding a totally enjoyable experience."   Dawn & Seth W.

Plan Your Perfect Wedding Day.

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